Connecticut River Indian groups (Wangunk, Podunk, Suckiaug, Poquonnock, Tunxis) become tributary to the Pequot. It was name after their current King James I. History Timeline of the Pequot War This short History Timeline of the Pequot War provides facts and information about the history, years, key dates, key events and key people who fought in this war. In History. They remain in sight of shore to deceive the Pequot into believing that they were leaving. Public timelines; Search; Sign in; Sign up; 1600-1700 Timeline created by samanthakathryn. It was name after their current King James I. At the time of the war, the Pequot resided in what is now southeastern Connecticut. It resulted in a Pequot defeat and Roger Williams reports several killed and many wounded. The Dutch in New Netherland Colony become close trading partners with the Pequot and their tributaries. English Allied forces make landfall and scout around Quinnipiac. August 25-26 was spent invading and ranging Block Island. English Allied forces march to an Eastern Niantic fort near the Pequot frontier. 1701 - Yale University is founded in New Haven. Increased Dutch and English migration into Connecticut Valley, Pequot territory. Captain John Smith is named to the … French Traders Establish Port Royal Traders established Port Royal in Acadia (Nova Scotia), and launched trading expeditions that stretched down the Atlantic coast as far as Cape Cod. One body floated down river and was recovered at Saybrook Fort. The Pequot War was fought from 1634 to 1638 in present-day New England and saw colonists in Massachusetts Bay, Plymouth, Connecticut, … Underhill’s company having a long distance to traverse arrives at the southwest entrance and storms the fort to find it already on fire. Narragansett forces capture around 100 Pequot in a swamp in present-day Ledyard. Two English wounded, one captured and killed. May 10, 1637          Mistick Campaign Begins. Pequot War on February 22, 1837, 1890, Charles Stanley Reinhart. In August, Governor Vane sent John Endecott to exact revenge... Read more, Believing that the English had returned to Boston, Massachusetts, the Pequot sachem Sassacus took several hundred of his warriors to make another... Read more, The slaughter at Mystic broke the Pequot, and deprived them of their allies. They were the only … It was later said that the killers were tributaries of the Pequot and at least one attacker was the son of the slain Pequot Sachem Tatobam. Thirty Years War The … S… Settlers from Massachusetts Bay establish the English town of New Haven at Quinnipiac. [CDATA[ At the heart of this conflict, the Pequot and Mohegan tribes fought each other for political power and trading capabilities with the newcomers. //