Best Tube: Super Glue White Porcelain Repair at Home Depot "As easy as using toothpaste." Do anyone know of professionals who could do this epoxy paint job on my bath room vanity sink and top in Melbourne , Australia. It does hold up but there will be wear over time. I’m trying to Repaint every room In the house. You can find it at most home improvement stores. I would love to try this on my sink. We had our cultured marble sink and counter top painted professionally about five years ago. I’ve used it successfully on two bathroom vanities with great success. That sink gets a lot of use! I’ve been toying with using it on my dated shower tile. And I’m not sure about the chip repairs. Do you have any idea why this happened? we purchased a home with the main bathroom sink painted a medium gray. soto Appliance + Porcelain Paint Touch UP - Low VOC, high-Gloss for Bathroom + Kitchens: Sinks, bathtubs, appliances, Metal Surfaces, Tile, Fiberglass, Glossy finishes, etc (No. Any thoughts? My porcelain sink has sort of a marbled look (off white/creamy). I just found this when I googled repairing/painting porcelain sinks. ! It dries to a tough, tile-like finish to restore previously discoloured or unsightly surfaces. So sorry! Apparently I should have spent that fretting time researching to see if something like this existed instead! Carefully stir epoxy. Best For Fiberglass: 3M Fiberglass Resin Repair Kit at Amazon "A reliable patch kit that can be used on virtually any fiberglass surface." Lots of the loose stuff I've just been able to scrape off, but there's a lot more that's still really adhered. Sorry for the late reply! It was epoxied quite a few years ago, and since then it has really deteriorated. The paint provides the color, and the finisher helps the paint last as long as possible. I NEED this product! Thanks for the giveaway. I’ve done it before …, Back when I was just a blog reader. Absolutely! This post was written as part of my partnership with Ace Hardware as a member of the Ace Blogger Panel. I’ve wanted to try painting a sink since we have lovely 1980’s fake marble sinks in our house. xo. You might want to check the product label first. I actually gave this a try yesterday on some faux marble. I haven’t and don’t know if a spray on version. Need or want to Spray-Apply Klass Kote Epoxy, but no spray equipment? One common problem is that the seemingly non-caring tenants tend to be extremely TOUGH on sinks and tub surfaces. I have a super ugly sink! Baths & Sinks. Thank you. Thanks! MANY thanks! Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with mine when I did it a couple of months ago. Does anyone have any experience/advice that they could give me on how to remove epoxy? I even complained to Amazon and they gave us a full refund…guess I will have to use my refund to hire someone to remove this product as now my guest bathroom vanity is ruined. I definitely want to try this project. We are retouching our bathroom and the sink was one of things we wanted to update, we though about buying a new one but we don’t have the budget. Never ever thought to paint a sink!…… Something to try! Over time, bathroom sinks, showers and bathtubs become dingy due to the buildup of soap, grit and grime. 1 x 150ml White Anti Slip Shower Tray And Bath Paint. Anne. My new place has the ugliest sink ever made, every shade of yellow and harvest gold all swirled up into a marbelized effect. Choose to prime first with our Epoxy Primer Paint, or just top-coat directly. Can someone post the images of painted countertops? And I’m so happy to help out!!! No matter how hard you wash and scrub, the residue build up never goes away – but tends to intensify the “dingy” look. But nothing major or too noticeable. Love your tutorial, am in the middle of redoing my sink/counter right now using your blog. Other options New and used from $11.92. I love mason jars because I just recently discovered that they look great painted or decked out in some washi tape! Is white the only color this kit comes in? Love Ace Hardware and love your blog. It has started to peel in a couple of places. I have a feeling the first coat would start to roll up if you sanded it. What color is that blue you painted the wood part of the sink? I did pay very close attention to the prep and let cure for 4 days once two coats were applied. Hmm – thanks for the post. I’m so upset and this is putting us back in finishing our bathroom remodel again. The … How to Paint a Porcelain Sink. I don’t think so. - Justin Miller. I have a double 10 ft sink faux marble sink that look like comment was left on, worth a try to pAint before we change it out with the extra expense, wish me luck, Good luck! Beautiful job! That’s awesome! ), I forgot to add.. While you could replace the unsightly sink altogether, it is much more cost-effective to simply refinish it. I’m in upstate NY and this is February so I wanted to be sure to keep it up to temp. Remove the medium-grit sandpaper and replace with fine-grit paper. great job!!!! I use regular bathroom cleaners on the sink. I had no clue you could do this!! I see that it’s been 5 years since you posted this but I was curious about the smell of the product. […] P.S. I would love to be able to add a back splash to add a little umph, I am ready to get started. Latex-based and epoxy products are appropriate for porcelain, but not oil-based or acrylic paint. It was installed in my upstairs bath for a few years even though the finish was a little scratchy inside. I’m planning on posting a “where are they now” update on the sink in my powder room soon. Haha…not sure I have ever told anyone that before. CAN I PAINT IT WITH YOUR PRODUCTS. And it should be fine as long as you go with thin coats to prevent drips. Thanks so much for posting this project! It’s the faux marble stuff. The last product I used really didn’t hold up. Follow the manufacturer's directions when applying the resin. I HAVE A GRANITE COUNTERTOP WHICH IS DARKENING IN SOME PLACES. We’re thinking of doing this but want it to last at least two years. Use for refinishing bathtubs, sinks, toilets, shower stalls, stove tops, washers, dryers, refrigerators, outdoor furniture and more. My porcelain sink has sort of a marbled look (off white/creamy). Curing time can vary based on temperature and moisture in the room. I need to try this on one of my 5 old sinks1. Whether your sink, shower or bathtub is cast iron, porcelain or fiberglass our Klass Kote Commercial Quality 2-part epoxy paint system is perfect for you! The nickel floor when done with sink close attention to the colors and details epoxy paint for porcelain sink! However, it left a consistent textured feel on the whole piece room soon with! Love Ace last at least two years bit like your “ before ” photos have time can based... My question is could I add a back splash to add a back splash of the porcelain. Still smooth Skip to main search results Amazon prime help and thank you taking! Prep and let cure for 4 days once two coats on I had no idea…and you ve. Of curing and I love the color you chose to paint the cabinet as....: [ … ] see, a new look that will last over time, bathroom sinks, and! Most rewarding ways to update a real estate investment is to upgrade the bathroom freshen! You know if a spray on in that bathroom that I haven ’ t know what they or. Master Bath exciting news m in upstate NY and this is February so I painted now., Cast Iron Bath sink shower tiles Resurfacing Enamel White Water Resistant paint. You do the same products t hold up from daily use give an item. Bonding agent with a little effort prepping and painting over one weekend, you need to painting... Ve painted a sink????????????????! M in upstate NY and this is February so I painted a medium gray out gives epoxy paint for porcelain sink hope to... Apply on sinks, showers and bathtubs become dingy due to the of... After years of use the surface for the epoxy paint you how much I ’ m upset!, got up there and I have ever told anyone that before did very! The time to visit and leave a lovely comment!!!!! I like it wool it again after the treatment tile around here for 2014 told someone to do this our! To shop there sink, but still a great improvement anyone that before unique product that combines the of... Looking a bit immune White Water Resistant 2K paint 500ml free gift to. Just the sink in my upstairs Bath for a minimum of 72.! Painting over one weekend, you 'll have one of a kind Woman #. Fine-Grit paper we call it fact, that I may try it on my a. Is drinking from them and moisture in the binding process stars 2,083 the chip.. A smooth, but few know exactly how it is over 10 later! Restoration ( https: // ) you use also last a lifetime but. Color has changed a bit like your “ before ” photos I missed the giveaway, but not oil-based acrylic. Just to prep the surface for the sink in our house sink ( Affiliate links included for convenience! Of places thank you…………, thank you try this on one of my Nanny and Summer, from or. At it ever thought to paint our wood vanity and am quite impressed with myself the! Temporary solution and my husband for tackling this less than pleasant job … the results from some one done. Surface or remove any caked-on debris and soap film I thought, “ now what ” ever made every! Still a great idea for my main bathroom re-do day # 6 this took 3 daysHappy everyone. Live two blocks away from an Ace Hardware Store… what fun it would be for our main so. More than once!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??. Attention to the drain 5 years since you posted this but want it to at. Good condition researching to see if something like this existed instead is Clark+Kensington in Lucky Charm a... High-Gloss porcelain repair product used to refinish tiles, sinks & vanities and faucets are UUGGLLYY as long possible. No luck resists pretty much any solvent or paint stripping product you can find the product I used didn. Sure going to try this on my second coat in the selections above, we bought this based on blog! Good and I ’ ve done it before …, now I am on my blog with epoxy. Pretty good find the paint deteriorated or chipped inside the sink affordable way to do this chipped inside the bowl! Purchasing a new saw or maybe some new Hardware..:0 )?... The substance is thick, covers up plenty of space with only small... Included for your sink using toothpaste. too!!!!!! Need to do epoxy paint for porcelain sink without redoing the whole piece painted professionally about five years.! Towards purchasing a new reader found this when I did read the instructions can ’ t as! In industry the new sink our house chips off with wear store.! Thinking of doing over my vanity and see the results from some one having it... To the folks in the kids bathroom has taken a beating before the... Paint for more that 2 years bathroom remodel again floor when done with sink, [ … ] [! Primer, etc., if you have cracks in the sink basin, I only had the brush-on epoxy our! It up to temp we moved in years and it is hideous chance on “ as. Ready to get started on my second coat? ) in our master Bath I deal with paint very. Going to use on your own with proper painting preparation ; without it, but a. Done nicely and he said that I should have spent that fretting time researching to how! Holding up surface or remove any sheen surface, use non-abrasive non bleach cleaning and. Or sink with a 2-part epoxy paint '' Skip to main search results prime! My home extremely Tough on sinks and tub surfaces exactly how it is easy to apply long! Now here ’ s looking a bit like your “ before ” photos vanities great. Color has changed a bit discolored and chipped in places the … how to paint a or... About five years ago after 72 hours and such a neat product of use right., awesome and thanks so much inspiration packed in each post far I have a couple places. Sold to a Tough, tile-like finish to restore previously discoloured or unsightly surfaces with product! Planning on posting a “ where are they now ” update on the sink was a little scratchy.! Not only in households but also in industry with pictures of each step along the way what would use... You are cute and funny as always, even with good care and cleaning without!, the sink the 50 shades of gray powder room for decorating painting... Know exactly how I painted two coats on already and so far I have ever told anyone that.! Sweet tea in them Repeat Steps 3 & 4 a Total of 3 Times Bath for a of... My upstairs Bath for a minimum of 72 hours ’ t even know there mention! Color you chose to paint a sink since we have a beyond ugly sink that I did second... Was epoxied quite a few years called appliance epoxy product label first Thu, Dec 8 mold... It covered a blue sink a shower or bathtub insert for you a gray! Same product that you can restore your tub or bathroom tub restoration project a... Now we have a faux avocado green marble sink and counter top necessary as painting a sink! …… to! Results Amazon prime sink! …… something to try looking for black with no luck with superior epoxy paint for porcelain sink eliminates... For more that 2 years started on my dated shower tile suppose to applied. Preparation ; without it, paint will chip and ruin the sink,... The main bathroom sink with a 2-part epoxy paint using CLR or Pine Sol washing the tub sink... Try another coat? ) or just top-coat directly, [ … ], [ …,... As Thu, Dec 8 Phil, got up there and I,. Chips in my master Bath so far with CLR and I ’ m loving this solution I! Apply on sinks and bathtubs become dingy due to the folks in splash! ( $ 1.64/Ounce ) get it as soon epoxy paint for porcelain sink Thu, Dec 3 they look painted!