In a work sampling study, a large number of observations are made of the workers over an extended period of time. Procedure of method study: 1) Identification of the work to be studied. Recording the present method. How Work-Study Jobs Work Unlike other jobs on campus that aren’t work-study positions, you’ll be applying for the program through the federal government rather than directly at your college or … Procedure, Procedure of Work-Study, Work-Study. Work Measurement. 4) Development of most economical method. money saving potential) of the job. Basically, any activity is a potential project for improvement but as the method engineer is to sell his ideas and maintain his existence in his company, he have to select those jobs for improvement which are unpopular or considered “dirty’ by … Work Study: The Pioneering Technique of Improving Value for Money and Productivity. Method study Components of Work Study. Method study or methods analysis