Qigong is more than exercise, It’s a healing practice for the body. When you want to improve your form or posture, you can always take qigong classes online and offline. It gives many health benefits that involve a combination of breathing and circulating your Qi, or energy, to relax and align your body and mind. This article will examine some of the ways in which qigong is beneficial in reducing or avoiding the effects of osteoporosis. Doing Qigong regularly helps lower the stress hormone levels in the body. It enables you to drift off to sleep by quieting the mind. Below is a list of some of the reasons why qigong is so effective as an exercise for our modern times. They also accomplish through the system of nerves. Qigong is not only perfect for injury prevention, but it also helps you relax your mind and body including the parts injured and the parts that are not injured. Now start to raise your left hand to the right (up to shoulder level) and turn your body in the same direction. //