Bonnie Lockhart was paying Lauren with the intent to mother the child but Bonnie was sent to jail and Lauren was left to give birth on her own. After Glen and Barb lost custody of J.T. Belle and Philip rush baby Claire to the hospital where she is hospitalized and eventually her liver fails and she is given last rites. 3. After overhearing information and investigating, Chad discovers that Mia had a baby, and realizes it is his. Daniel and Chloe name their son Parker, after Daniel's mother. He dated Mimi Lockhart but they broke up when Rex discovered Mimi aborted his baby without telling him about it. They already had a DNA test to prove Glen was the father of Marlo's child. However none the wiser to Lexie and Abe, Stefano is planning a plot whereby Marlo's baby would be switched with the baby of Bo and Hope's who Stefano at the time thought might be his or John Black's. He re-entered Max's life by awarding Nick Fallon a grant for his "work" on a fuel cell. A year later Sami takes them all on a round-the-world trip, and in the fall of 2017 the children stay with their Aunt Carrie and Uncle Austin in Switzerland. He used his influence with the president of Salem University to protect Ford from being punished for raping several female students. When Sami is released from witness protection, Johnny returns to live with Sami. Eventually they both returned to Salem and crashed Lexie's party. Upon his death, his liver is donated to his niece, Claire Brady, and his corneas are donated to Abe Carver; Claire's life is saved and Abe regains his eyesight. Hattie explains that she had become a secretary in Chicago, but then a man she was dating stole money from her company and framed her for the theft. Susan Hunter (formerly Martin and Peters) is a character from the soap opera Days of our Lives, portrayed by Denise Alexander from May 1966, to 1973. Both couples planned to use artificial insemination. When Lexie's father Stefano DiMera hears about the news, he is over joyed at the prospect of finally becoming a grandfather and asks that Abe and Lexie adopt the child of one of his distant relatives. Addie Horton Williams. It was revealed that Nick was responsible for the murder. Mia McCormick was played by Taylor Spreitler from January 6, 2009 to June 23, 2010. She became more controlling and obsessed with Shawn and disliked that Shawn tried to see Claire or Belle. When Mimi's boyfriend Rex Brady is believed to be a member of the wealthy DiMera family, Bonnie encourages the relationship. From 2004 onward, after the character's final surgery and Andrea Hall's retirement from acting, Hattie was played by Deidre Hall. Though given the runaround by the Carvers, he and Barb found that Marlo gave birth to a boy, in June 2000, and the Carvers had adopted him. Madeline Peterson Woods, portrayed by Jessica Tuck,[28] is the mother of Chad DiMera. Harold later happened to be in Las Vegas at the same time as Jack and Greta, and he helped them hide from mob hitmen by disguising themselves as showgirls. Rex (as played by Winter) first appeared on July 8, 2002. He is the son of Melissa Horton; his father has never been identified. Claire Brady was originally portrayed by identical twins Olivia and Ava White from January 2006 to December 2007 and Alina Foley in 2008. Mickey ends his marriage to Bonnie to resume his relationship with Maggie after she is found alive. The DNA test produced a false positive due to the close relationships between Bonnie and her daughter, and between brothers Rex and Lucas. In 2013, Johnny becomes an uncle to Will's daughter Arianna Horton. Her twin, Johnny DiMera, is her maternal half-brother. Johnny DiMera is the son of EJ DiMera and Sami Brady, and is the maternal half-twin of Allie Horton. Willow attempted to blackmail Nick and eventually fell to her death on an episode that aired June 5, 2007. She has a younger brother named Jed Stark who attended Salem University. Does the show use rape as a trope to ramp up the drama? Kate later slept with Vincent to convince him to kill Victor and manipulated him into spying on Sami and Brandon. [1][2], Bonnie Lockhart is the mother of Patrick, Mimi, and Conner Lockhart. It did not end as one. He convinces Nicole to leave Eric and to marry him in a wedding ceremony that is being officiated by Abe Carver in Eric's apartment. A nice little piece of trivia regarding the "Days of Our Lives" cast is that Susan Seaforth Hayes is the sole member to have appeared in all five decades of the show's production. Does it do it too often or handle the topic inappropriately? Barb spotted the baby floating, like Moses in the rushes, and they rescued him. In November 2016, it was confirmed that Deidre Hall would reprise her portrayal of Hattie.[11]. A DNA test proves that the baby is Bonnie and Lucas's. Sydney becomes the subject of many custody battles between E.J. As a result, she and Melanie eventually became good friends. Bonnie is set to be released when the truth is revealed: the baby is really Emily, Mimi's daughter by Rex from their own one-night stand in a recent chance meeting. He is a classmate of Belle, Shawn, Chloe, Jan and others. Jack eventually admitted that he was not gay, which led to Harold criticizing him for his cowardice. Sami, who was forced to enter the witness protection program during her pregnancy, decided to protect her child from the DiMeras by never telling E.J. Morgan's interests moved to Philip Kiriakis soon after her father, Paul, disappeared. Tyler Kiriakis is the son of Philip Kiriakis and Mimi Lockhart. List of Days of our Lives characters (2000s), Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Peter Reckell Returns As Bo, Scott Shilstone To Play Grown-Up Zack, In DAYS Hope-Centric Episode!