what are the advantage and disadvantage in choosing abm strand? TIME MANAGEMENT - Concentrate on money making, not bookkeeping. The students work closely with faculty mentors, who are highly reputable in their industry’s world stage. Example is when you want to take a business degree, there are subjects in ABM which will help you with college like accounting, business math, marketing, and organization and management.If you're aiming for a different path, however, I recommend you to go to a track which focuses on the core subjects of your college course.If you are unsure, you should try GAS or General Academic Strand. ... Another reason why I choose this strand because accountancy and business management is a marketable career where in I can easily find a job or make my own business. So it goes without saying that impeccable communication skills are essential. The approach that Enderun Colleges has developed for education is unique and highly specialized for excellence. ABM strand is under the Academic Track of K-12 Program. The central aim of the job is to ensure that a particular business is properly organized, managed, and meets its goals. In college, I want to continue this course but as major in business management. Facsimile (632) 8856 4656 There is a crucial team dynamic that comes into play with all business operations regardless of size, scale, and scope. Asked and Answered: How Does Taking an MBA Program Affect Your Career? The ABM strand in its most fundamental sense refers to the accountancy, business, and management academic programs that concentrate on the foundational concepts in corporate operations, financial management, business management, as well as each and every factor that revolves around those central fields. Practitioners of accounting are known as “accountants”. Actually not really, we only learn about the fundamentals of Econ and not the computation side of it in HUMSS. You will learn to adapt to the communication skills that are required for various business courses. In these industries, the knowledge that you gain from taking the ABM Strand will equip you with the skills and information necessary to conduct market research, develop advertising strategies, manage client relationships, coordinate with copywriters, producers, and designers, analyze market trends, and evaluate results. The administration of a business is a process that involves both the management and performance of business operations and all the necessary decision making, as well as the efficiency and effectivity of organizing people and resources as to direct activities towards tangible objective and goals. Accounting is a field that has to do with the measurement, processing, and relaying of financial information with regards to economic entities, such as corporations and businesses. This generally refers to agriculture-related endeavors that align farmers, distributors, and even consumers with a market system for agricultural products. When it comes to getting a good grasp of the ABM Strand, you have to first get acquainted with the two central and all-encompassing fields involved. I want to understand the management concepts within an international business context. In this article, we explore more deeply the potential drivers of ABM success. Auditing is basically the verification of assertions that were made by others with regards to payoffs. It involves each and every aspect of both overseeing and supervising business operations and all its related fields: accounting, finance, and marketing. In taking this step, you must be serious and clear this up before wasting so much time, effort and money that is why I choose ABM strand cause I believe I could able to endure the situation that I may face ahead. In the field of management accounting, internal reports are based on cost-benefit analysis, and are not required to adhere to the GAAP. An audit is a professional service that is conventional and systematic. Media industries such as TV, film, the digital sphere, print media, etc. Senior High School, this phrase is familiar for some but for Filipinos, its a phrase some chose to love and some to hate. • A heart that loves what he/she do as an ABM student. The ABM strand is one of the options that K-to-12 students can choose to take if they are inclined towards the business and accounting fields. You should expect to be immersed in studying management and financial accounting along with the business, legal, and organizational contexts that you would be working with as you go along your road in a professional enterprise. McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio Taguig City 1634 Philippines, Telephone (632) 8856 5000 Which strand did you perform the best in your results? Get personalized advice on courses and careers. Do your research Enderun Colleges is an undergraduate college and entrepreneurship school in the Philippines that is committed to the highest international standards for excellence in education and training. However, you are also going to be expected to have a good understanding of business management and operations because one of the primary roles in the human resources department is exemplary knowledge of employment laws and company regulations.