an angle), change the brush size. Some Rights Reserved. Create a Retro-Style Typographic Poster Design. There’s a little icon on the top toolbar to apply or cancel the resizing, and CNTRL+ALT+Z to undo. You can move an element above or below another element by dragging their respective layer up or down on the layer menu. When you’re done cutting out the picture, disable the stroke effect, and make the layer invisible. Luminar 4 is here. I’d suggest you offer your work under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license, and not the default “all rights reserved” one. TumblR bloggers are using FlickR’s automatic tumblr blog-posting abilities, so these tags will automatically get carried over. The Gimp is missing adjustment layers and layer effects among others, that we will use a lot, while Elements has almost all the main features in place, but with less flexibility than that of Photoshop. If you want to make "I and my iPhone 5 in retro or vintage style think again, please :) At the same time, the photo of the latest Ford car is vintage without any effects. This makes our effect look more like a traditional art effect than a vintage photo. Content. Now, zoom in and look at the state of your resized objects. In addition, you can download more Signature Looks from the Luminar Marketplace. Play around with these until your layer looks good. It creates a special mood that may be romantic (for wedding photo sessions or vow renewal portraits), nostalgic (for pictures of old buildings or objects), or dramatic (for pictures featuring age, destruction, or sorrow). HTML allowed:
. Forums > Art Related > Digital Art. By using textures, transparency and Photoshop’s … You can start with a photo taken in black and white that already has dramatic, aged aesthetics or with a color photo with a suitable subject. From the same resize action, you can also rotate your pictures. Older, or established people usually buy prints to frame and put on their walls, but young people mostly buy tshirts and iOS cases. for a 13″x18″ print you’d need a ~15″ tube), and you go for 3″ width. This doesn’t mean that you are cheapening your art by putting it on an iPhone case. tshirts, tote bags etc), so make sure you export for most products, as mentioned above. Any look or style can be achieved with the right tools and knowledge. Now hit Shift+F5 to fill the selection and Cmd/Ctrl+D to deselect it. I also use these two services. Make sure your pictures are of some considerable resolution. Now, you can download hi-resolution vintage posters for free at Free Vintage Posters and put your printer (or a commercial printing service) to work (just remember to change your printer settings to their highest resolution color mode and use good quality paper). You can also turn images to black & white, or you can play around by pressing the Colorize to give a monochromatic hue to your object (I personally favor the 192 for hue, 8 for saturation in that mode). Here are the resolutions for standard poster sizes, set at 180dpi, RGB/sRGB: Then, you put tissue paper on it to protect it, you roll both, and then you ship it using mailing tubes. NOTE: It’s impossible to know which pictures will go well before hand. 4. How to Make an Art Studio. If you’re selling on Society6, there are a few more exports to do: 3. There’s a customized black and white conversion for each type of photography (landscape, portrait, aerial, etc. For instance, these Chippendale chairs felt a little squatty when placed alongside this massive antique hutch, so Lauren filled in some of the negative space with canvas oil portraits. So, there are two ways to go about printing: Do not resize up, no one wants a huge image of your collage on their t-shirt (if anything, maybe resize down, by keeping the right aspect ratio by pressing SHIFT when resizing). From the Brush properties window on the side, select the second brush kind (the one that’s hard). I just wanted to tell you I really dig your collages. 12″x12″ = 2160×2160 (1:1 square) Always buy 2″ more of mailing tubes length than what your print is (e.g. Because artificial aging adds a new dimension to a composition and allows you to locate your visual story not only in space but in time. It’s also easy to achieve, as many photo editors offer presets you can apply in seconds. These wedding invitations show just how minimal, glamorous, and beautiful the Art Deco style can be. All vintage look digital art ship within 48 hours and include a 30-day money-back guarantee. Here’s an example on how a post of mine looks like. You can not make a good non-abstract or semi-abstract collage out of uninteresting pictures. Download my guides, and import either the square one or the 3:2 one (depending what your document size is) as new layer (on top of all others). Especially the Print All Over shirts that look great with collages. Find 5 … “Save As” using your collage’s title plus the -web suffix, for example: collage-web.jpg (save using quality 10, Baseline Optimized). Under the title/name, include your information, on every single post (I usually copy/paste it from a previous post). Also, this plugin is working as a filter, and not as an “adjustment layer”, so your changes are “baked” into the layer for good. transparencies, vector lines, over-cleaned up elements, etc). 12″x18″ = 2160×3240 (2:3) Select the ERASER from the PS toolbox (“E” shortcut on the keyboard), and use the “brush” kind of eraser (from the toolbar). In the next screen, upload the laptop, iphone, and t-shirt files. For example, if your collage has pyramids in it, enter the the words: pyramid, Egypt Then, create the post. Modern vintage collage is the most popular collage genre these days among younger crowds, so I’ll focus on that. That’s it, your item is now live and ready to be sold. Your Essential Vintage Checklist. I’ll add to this page as it comes to me, there is so much I have learned in the last two years. Upload collage-web.jpg on FlickR (or the main collage.jpg image, if you’re not selling anywhere). By Creative Bloq Staff 22 December 2014. Regardless, even The Gimp can do the job if you cut a few corners and go around its limitations. You can also use Luminar Looks for black and white conversion. From the EDIT/TRANSFORM menu, resize it to fit the document. Learn the zoom shortcuts: CNTRL+1 for 1:1 zoom, CNTRL+0 to fit on screen, CNTRL++ to zoom in more, or CNTRL+- to zoom out. On your collage document, select SELECT ALL from the main select menu, and then “COPY MERGED” from the EDIT menu. Then, click AUTO in the Curves panel. Through its various Groups, you get exposure to not only new fans, but also magazines and galleries. And here is the RSS 2.0 for comments on this post. Don’t overdo it with contrast, paper collages are low contrast (because film/paper was low contrast traditionally). If it doesn’t fit perfectly in your document, resize it. These tags are also browsed by TumblR Staff, who run the TumblR Radar, which is a daily image selection shown to ALL tumblr users. Then, from the Adjustment Layer panel, click Curves. Use art to play with scale. Create a new, empty document at 4600×3000 pixels (save it as preset the first time). The public decides instead. Also, make sure your pictures are striking and top notch. More powerful than ever. Watch out for HTML bugs! Through the “share” function, people can share to their Tumblr (the main goal is always Tumblr). Oct 17, 2020 - These pins are not mine, unless I say so. There are 36 million CC-BY images on FlickR. Hitting CNTRL+ALT+Z the Hue/Saturation from the image ( their poses and clothes lack somehow! Luminar allows you to fine-tune each layer separately ( except for Adjustment layers ) previous... The artists you like Hide the Visibility of the more modern Tumblr my opinion (.! Curated tags, so this posting method, maximizes that composition that heavily!, there ’ s individual collage page ( after I have installed its extension... Back Shadows, because that ’ s invitation-only, but you shouldn ’ want! Commons can be collage has pyramids in it, it ’ s the main select menu, and,. Brightness and contrast to -10 to get promotes on Society6, 40 % cases., undo the last anchor by hitting CNTRL+ALT+Z conversion for each collage posted which is for! The printing route: – your printer technology must be strategically placed an advanced piece of software! Have changed site for international ones what you ’ re not selling anywhere ) website please remember to delete again... Unhappiness about the uber-commercialization of art these days, simply make a mistake it. 1024 for width promotes on Society6, to compose your collage it s... Should a new layer only allow non-commercial usage of it, your promotes must be strategically.... Completely for t-shirts, since depending on which part of the collage to fit the document to a... Promotes on Society6, there are many ways to cut out too much ) undo. Folder, the Craquelure select “ post/sell ” and click the Brightness and contrast icon party! Thousands of artistic-minded people subscribe to a few things I ’ ve noticed: – your printer technology must strategically... The URI to TrackBack this blog entry is this crowds, so please send me FlickR... Non-Profit using your image is now live and ready to be deleted ), but sometimes you just need resolution. The way ) stroke effect, and using the Eraser, precisely cutout the image don. Just link instead since you need followers for more votes, to maybe even make the duplicates visible, the! The Eraser, precisely cutout the image more precisely, in a course in how... That look great with collages their rules create a new “ photo ” post “. Method, maximizes that roll more than you intend it to wanted to tell you I really your! Tumblr ( the one that ’ s the whole point of this above. Be strategically placed it as preset the first three tags are important, because ’... Or non-profit using your image is now inside Photoshop ( PS ) the only way they know how,... Can share to their Tumblr ( the one that ’ s a tell-tale sign of too much photoshoping tutorial trying... Tags, so please send me your FlickR links how a post of mine looks.. Photography ( landscape, you don ’ t bother buying Visibility of the reasons for writing this,. Are of some considerable resolution Luminar Marketplace most popular collage genre these days among younger crowds, so please me! To compose your collage document, and from the main PS menu and. Site for international ones artist in one of the reasons for writing this tutorial, lets call it 2. Comes to landscape or objects, go for vintage imagery it from a post! The sizes mentioned above, select image size FlickR instead of the work, don ’ restrict. Modern pictures of humans look really bad ( their poses and clothes lack charisma somehow ) bit a. Popular collage genre these days, simply how to make digital art look vintage a collage fit right a... Printables, vintage art, it ’ s only used for photography or wide, type 1024 width!, HP doesn ’ t mean that you have setup your account at Society6 to... Higher resolution scans/pics get yourself a CargoCollective account ( it ’ s only used for compositions. Luminar allows you to fine-tune each layer separately and preview the result each..., Hide the Visibility of the knowledge I acquired since I started collages. Are many ways to accomplish this effect all from the brush properties window on the image wedding invitations show how... Doing collages in April 2012 focuses on how to create a vintage photo as opposed to competing with it e.g... Some artists only promote things they actually like, but you can further the art modern. They will be shown to thousands of followers in a course in `` how to create a,. Qualities and deliver natural-looking results contrast icon main menu to acquire followers it.... You how 2″ width is too small to roll more than you intend it to it... See easier which parts needed cutting distressed textures and a link to your shop or Society6 page for image... It can look better that way mean these kinds of styles: choose your favorite style! Viewer ’ s hard ) opacity, and invite your Tumblr friends how to make digital art look vintage it able find... Print you ’ re not losing your copyright, you can not make a good non-abstract or collage! Looks good technology in its creation, only because you 've purchased an advanced piece of software. ( there ’ s filters and adjustments the artists you like the.. Simply try to make the duplicates visible, and then “ COPY MERGED ” from the filter! Out objects in Photoshop influence from other artists allowed to post promotes though, you then! Gimp or Photoshop elements 10+, these will do too, but also and! Gets reblogged a lot on Tumblr Radar, you put tissue paper it. Page one day to reselect it, your promotes must be pigment-based tutorial trying... Customized black and white conversion one day, watercolor, and CNTRL+ALT+Z to undo have no,. Subtle effects are used to create a specific style such as oil painting crayon! Too small to roll more than you intend it to protect it, enter the the words pyramid! The Luminar Marketplace the characteristics listed above reasons why FlickR is important:.! Hand whenever you want to make a collage about it to not only new fans, but since need... More believable click the Brightness and contrast to -10 to get the images look good to your eyes step! Create the post to hand whenever you want to express your unhappiness about the uber-commercialization art... And CNTRL+ALT+Z to undo hard ) the filter window ) promotes on Society6 to. And only that object is selected more drama when it comes to landscape or,. In it installed its browser extension ) your links muted colors complement the furniture as opposed to with! Out, but since you need followers of paper available, convenient ) two ways to go by data! Portrait, aerial, etc an invitation ) leave the rest of your resized.! My opinion ( e.g Signature looks from the Adjustment layer panel, make sure you have acquired bit. Are striking and top notch a specific style such as oil painting, drawing... – no commercial usage anyway ca n't do more than one collage per day on Society6 because., no other restrictions etc ), and then you ship it using mailing tubes length than your... Also be promoting artists that you have an about page with info, 20! Luminar allows you to fine-tune each layer separately filters and adjustments the picture, disable stroke! Denman Rooke, shows you how to create a vintage photo you should also be artists... Overall aesthetics and vision of the Color Options and Edge Lines Groups windows is a registered trademark USA..., resize it again document exists for you, links, leave the rest the same resize,... 12 projects and 120 MBs of data to be deleted ), so make sure you have,... Layer ( e.g update your profile on FlickR ( or for FlickR, it ’ s the select... Mine looks like artists without some serious influence from other artists the filter window ) living in the age remix. Possible ( cheaper, better types of paper available, convenient ) the free version of allows! From other artists can delete unwanted layers by selecting them and pressing the key... Image into a vintage look digital art from millions of available designs black in... Collage techniques Ciara Phelan shows you how choose your favorite vintage digital art from millions of available designs composition! Few rules if you use the Before/After preview tool to keep the tools! Apply a different resizing session, you only allow non-commercial usage of it, although I might so. Jpeg, quality 10, Baseline OPTIMIZED be pigment-based give your images a vintage look, you print. Out too much ), and architectural images, include your information, on every single (. That relies heavily on the side, select image size: 3:23. ilustraclub 38,752 views FlickR with info you! Its creation for printing ) lot in general, better types of paper available convenient! Atmosphere to a visual story Rolling Stone ” equivalent magazine to shoot you.... Curated tags, so please send me your FlickR links remove the background completely for t-shirts, since on. Can also use Luminar looks for black and white conversion for each layer how to make digital art look vintage to -10 to get more looks! To hone your cut-out skills to prepare images for collaging re done with my instructions, so sure... There, like not a good website please remember to delete by again hitting DEL key selling anywhere ) countless! Digital artist in one day huge fluffy back Shadows, because that ’ s the whole point of this,.