Once you do, you can stop mean hamster aggression and start giving your hamster a happy, healthy life. So he will not be dirty, or diseased. It does mean that you shouldn’t … So please, don’t be angry. But two dwarf hamsters should get along… right? If the woman hadn’t of reached in so abruptly, she never would have gotten bitten. There she was, hoping to bring home a sweet little hamster. I’d never recommend anything under 650 square inches of floor space for a hamster – dwarf or no. The little furball responded the best way she knew how – in self-defense. In reality though, they’re no more prone to biting than a Syrian. Take a look at this guide on why hamsters bite (coming soon). But you see, that wasn’t a mean hamster. It’s just too risky! Do this every day until you are ready to let the hamster smell you. But instead of a warm welcome, she received a nasty bite. And what are you doing to cause this reaction? And like dwarf hamsters, Syrians aren’t any more … But you’ll need to first understand your hamster better. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. They are friendlier. The momma doesn't like to be handled and she will run but she isn't real mean about n one (bubbles) is a Lil aggressive she will run.. Check out this tutorial to learn how to handle mean hamster aggression (coming soon). 3. It is distinguished from the closely related Djungarian hamster as it has smaller ears and no dark fur on its crown. Yes, a hamster might act aggressively – but not because she likes acting out. Hold on tight! Dwarf hamster names are necessary because over time your hamster will start responding to the name you call it with. What hamster wouldn’t lash out? The next thing we knew, she was screaming. Dwarf hamsters are even more infamous for aggression. Dwarf hamsters are half the size of Syrians and are known to be territorial. You can help your hamster live a long happy life in your care. And a lot of hamster care beliefs are outdated. Still, it’s a possibility. Your hamster isn’t trying to be mean. Normally, hamster moms care for their newborn pups like any human would. Somewhere she can happily live – with plenty of chew toys, burrowing opportunities, and exercise. They really can be gentle pets, just like Syrian hamsters. Hamsters really need their own space – even dwarf hamsters. In general, a wire cage with a plastic tray is the easiest to clean. And it’s sad because these furry little critters are always under a ton of stress. You can imagine the welcome the poor woman received. And if your hamster suddenly decides she doesn’t like her roommate? Especially if they’re well cared for. Robo dwarves can go for $15-$30 for a single hamster. My Dwarf Hamster Is Suddenly Not Eating As Usual And She Does Not Run Around Or Use Her Wheel. I can flee or bite, but there’s nowhere to flee! So don’t let that infamous reputation scare you. Momma is simply scared and under a lot of stress! The Chinese dwarf hamster is one of the most popular species of hamster. Even other animals and loud noises can be enough to spook her! I’m always sad when hamsters are described as mean – even evil. But this type of mean hamster aggression is only an issue if you keep your pet in a small enclosure! It’s a bacterial infection … Are hamsters mean? Are The People In Australia Likely To Fall Off Because Their Continent Is Nearly At The Bottom Of The World And Is Almost Upside Down? To give the woman a better view, we unlocked the display tanks. Instead of trying to understand their behavior, they just think they have a mean hamster that’s naturally aggressive. Sure, she might be more aggressive than most. Which Is Cleaner, Dogs, Cats, Guinea Pigs Or Dwarf Hamsters? 2. That’s good! Dwarf hamsters are even more infamous for aggression. You can consult this … In the recent past, dwarf hamsters could only be found through professional breeders but as the popularity of these small types of hamster breeds among small pet owners has increased, some of these dwarf hamster types are becoming more readily available at local pet stores. Sure, some dwarf hamsters might develop cage aggression faster than other species. Or the day might end on a very sad note. There are four main species of dwarf hamster and they are the Campbell’s dwarf, Winter White, Roborovski and Chinese hamster. They like an exercise wheel or a run-about ball. Stress is a killer in hamsters meaning buy them that tiny tails cage, or the tiny 288 sq in. Which Is Better A Golden Hamster.teddy Bear Hamster.or Robo Dwarf Hamster? Especially if they’re well cared for. I have four dwarf hamsters 2 of them r very friendly they love being handled and one has bite me but I couldn't feel it.. What do you think of people who try to weigh 300 pounds or greater just so they do not go to work? In these cases, the mean hamster temperament is often passed on with genetics. A well-balanced dwarf hamster diet consists of: 1. And hamsters? Give your furry critter a large enclosure she can feel safe in. You don’t have a mean hamster. Color: One of the main differences between Dwarf Hamsters and the more widespread Syrian Hamster is color. Roborovski hamsters are also called desert dwarf hamsters, robo hamsters, and robo dwarf hamsters. For instance if you got your pet at a shelter and it's been mistreated their whole life, yeah, they would tend to be mean. These little rodents are super sweet, but there are other aspects you should consider, such as Roborovski hamster lifespan, tameness, health, and personality. Although not as common in Robo hamsters, wet tail still is a very serious condition your hamster can have. Don’t forget to share this article to educate others about hamster aggression! I just bought one today and my boyfriend put his hand in there and it bit him.. Dwarf Campbell Russian hamsters are especially high-strung in nature, meaning that you should definitely approach this particular breed with the utmost care. But if a new momma is suddenly under a lot of stress, her babies might seem like too much to handle. And it’s these small cages that cause so many problems for hamster owners. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to turn aggressive behavior around. Syrian hamsters are available in a wide variety of colors, which may also include a number of markings, tones, variations and other features. A vivarium (made of glass) is the recommended cage for keeping pet (dwarf) hamsters. How much did you really know about hamster care then? They prefer to be kept in pairs, though, same sex (you don't want loads of baby hamsters running around! Dwarf hamsters are super cute and stay much smaller than the rest of the hamster breeds, usually around 4 to 12cm long. It’s easy to pin a mean hamster on aggression. And some species of hamsters (like Syrians) MUST be kept alone. And this hamster was a scared little critter startled out of sleep. Roborovski dwarf hamsters are actually a bit more expensive when compared to other hamsters. You’ll just have to be extra careful to respect her boundaries. Yes, you can even have an awesome relationship with your furry critter. But mistaking hamster biting for aggression, some people get angry! And that initial fear will get worse, making your hamster even more defensive. I Need Names For Dwarf Hamsters. ... that doesn’t mean they are impervious to illness. Most hamsters bite because they’re scared. That being said, the bigger the enclosure, the more space the hamster has to run… When they can’t, they’re defending what little they have of their tiny domain. Then over time, your hamster will stop viewing you as a threat. It could take them hours or even days to get accustomed to the sight, smell and feel of your hand. But don’t let this put you off adopting one. © 2018 – 2020 Complete Hamster Care. Reaching her hand in (not something I’d recommend), she startled a very drowsy hamster. your hamster that already has such a short lifespan will have an even shorter lifespan. Even if she doesn’t, you both can still be happy. You see, you don’t have a mean hamster. This does not mean a … They are usually two to three inches in length, although some can be smaller. The worst thing you can do is give up and abandon your furry critter to the next animal shelter. The Winter White dwarf hamster is one of the most popular hamster breeds out there and makes a perfect first pet. While working for Petco, I met many hamster owners concerned about biting. Later, I’ll help you form a plan to stop problematic behavior, step by step. Now picture yourself in a strange noisy environment just after a fitful sleep. No need to stress, we have got you covered. These hamsters are divided into two groups; group one is … It's likely, but you should look at their genitals to be sure. Believe it or not, hamsters DO bite for a reason. And the Chinese hamster (not technically a dwarf species, but just as small) loves tunneling, especially through its bedding. Dwarf hamsters are 3 main types of hamster, actually. Any hamster would bite you first you touch them since you are completely new to them. Soon pet the little hamster and after that you'll be able to hold it. You’re blinking away the bright light when your bedroom ceiling disappears. Why is your hamster acting the way she is? You can keep your little furry critter from lashing out. What’s going on? Hamsters are timid by nature. 20 Adorable Hamster Butts to Make You Smile, Bored Never Again: 4 Woven Wicker Balls Quadruple the Fun (Review). Because odds are, you don’t. Not all hamsters act this way! A small, furry rodent. But I’ll be honest with you: hamsters don’t have the best reputations. 5 Warning Signs that Plummet Happiness, Hamster Care 101: The Ultimate Hamster Care Resource, Rough Day? A hamster wheel will keep him or her … ; Stretching their … Myth Busting that Mean Dwarf Hamster. But hear me out. No one likes a pet who’s constantly on guard and attacking your hands. Dwarf hamsters need protein too and despite being herbivores, there are times when they will eat various types of meat and other protein sources. Your dwarf hamster's cage will need to be as large as possible, secure and suitable for their size – avoid cages with wide bars intended for larger Syrian hamsters, their small size means dwarf hamsters are very good escape artists! Tell us your stories in the comment section! Your hamster may lunge at you and chase you around the cage. But nervous mothers are especially wary of other humans. Slap..ha ha.. But consider this: You probably don’t have a mean hamster. And it’s probably something you haven’t even considered yet. What Health Problems Do German Shepherds (Alsatian Dogs) Tend To Have? All rights reserved. Many people don’t acknowledge that something could be wrong about: You might believe you’re the greatest pet owner in the world. You’re fairly sure your hamster bites for no reason. They prefer to be kept in pairs, though, same sex (you don't want loads of baby hamsters running around!). Everyone makes mistakes. They are not mean if you treat them good. But what if you have a mean dwarf hamster? It takes most hamsters some time to warm up to humans. If you need more help go to a library and check out some books on hamsters. ; Watching you with its ears erect: A hamster behavior like this means it is just a bit curious about what is going on and in a calm way. ; One that is grooming: They are seeking reassurance and are feeling rather content with everything that is going on. My Dwarf Hamster has a bald spot behind his ear. Avoid sugar and high fat treats. Think about how you feel the second you wake up. Clean, fresh, filtered, chlorine-free water, changed daily. Community Answer. I had another dwarf hamster named Buttons though and he was really sweet and lovable! Are Dwarf Hamsters Mean? I had one mean dwarf hamster named snowball. And that’s the minimum. So we are taking the little mean one back because I want a nice one so we are getting a teddy bear one! They usually only lash out when they’re not given the proper care to feel at home. How To Avoid The Chilblain In The Cold Winter? Or else become really depressed? The cage should have a height of at least 40 cm (16″). Sure, at first these small rodents may appear extremely aggressive. In fact, many hamsters are actually really sweet once you get to know them better. He bit me once but I think he was just trying to play because it didnt hurt. Then maybe this scary giant will leave me alone.”. I get it. So take the time to learn about your hamster. ... groom themselves several times a day. Some hamsters seem to even bite with no warning at all! But your pet is showing some… pretty scary signs of aggression. Just like humans, all hamsters have their own unique personalities – no matter the species! Is this normal? You might even remember a hamster you kept as a child… and the not so fun aftermath of a painful bite. But never pick up momma and her babies – no matter how hard it might be to resist! Meaning we know how important choosing the right fit may be! And if your hamster is, it doesn’t mean your furry little pet will stay like this either. You probably don’t think too clearly, your mind groggy and eyes half asleep. The hamster had his finger and was being lifted off the ground because he would not let go....(it was funny) everyone I know that has had a Dwarf hamster they all bite.. In order to tame a hamster, you need to play with it, touch it, talk to it, make yourself available to it. Most people genuinely try to give their pets loving homes, to provide the best possible life they can. Campbell's dwarf hamster typically has a narrow dorsal stripe compared to … I hate to say it, but it usually happens only after a hamster is mishandled or mistreated – either by accident or on purpose. I got my hamster yesterday and it scratched me and my brother we let her smell us and she's doing fine. Although they sleep a good part of the day, they are much more active and energetic. Now suddenly, this strange woman was trying to touch her! She would bite for no reason so her nickname was Jaws. Burrowing in bedding: This means a hamster is happy and just digging around playing or searching for a possible snack it may have buried earlier. Here, I’ll help you pinpoint exactly why your hamster is lashing out. Sometimes this is true because they are allowed to become wild, but this situation can be avoided. “What if this giant hand wants to hurt me? Dwarf hamsters aren't mean - they're more sociable than something like, eg, the Syrian hamster. As a treat, they love a bit of unsalted, unflavored or unsweetened popcorn. They all come from roughly the same area, which is northern China, southern Russia, Mongolia, Siberia and they are very well adapted to those lands. Probably so but then the vet might have to do it. The only ones that I found that don't bite is the teddy bear hamster they are so sweet.. They grow up to 5in. Because what’s even more nerve wracking than a giant hand trying to grab you? And some of that mean hamster aggression might start to ebb away. Chinese dwarf hamsters aren't "real" dwarf hamsters. Hamsters are normally only aggressive when they’re scared or hurting. These furry little critters have no other way to tell us when they’re unhappy or uncomfortable. Bite(which it doesn't hurt.. Think about it. So many hamsters were curled up in their hideaways – sleeping out of sight. If you’ve ever seen this happen, horrified shock might be your first reaction. So my advice to you: don’t force two hamsters to share a home with each other. But if you don’t understand what your hamster needs to be happy, your hamster won’t be happy. Because we’re going to talk about the scariest parts of hamster ownership. How do you get there though? Hamsters are fairly quiet during the day, as they are nocturnal creatures. But make sure that you gain trust or it will bite or scratch. So they lash out, releasing some of those pent-up emotions. Despite that, you will often find the 3 types named as Russian Dwarf, and that’s it. No, they are not mean, I have one and they are very nice, I just got it yesterday! That’s when the customer did something unexpected. And even prevent hamster biting down the road! Maybe you already have. Responding to a Bite Blow in your hamster’s face. But who knows if she’ll find a home she can feel safe in and the love she deserves? Their tiny size and super speed mean they’re better suited to being handled by adults than children. Some times when you get a... Do Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Have Big Balls? Do you actually have a mean hamster? Have two separate cages ready for the female and male hamsters. So why is your hamster biting every chance she gets? It lives in the deserts of Central Asia, averaging under 2 centimetres at birth and 4.5–5 centimetres and 20–25 grams during adulthood. She’s trying to communicate her stress! Dwarf hamsters include many species and each will exhibit certain characteristics that make them unique. The … No they are just like any other animal, but you have to be nice to them so they don't seem mean. And some hamsters just climb bars no matter what, in that case it's probably better to get a bin cage or tank, no bars. It was in the middle of the day. Give your pet the proper nutrition to grow and provide for her young. Dwarf hamsters have such a wonderful range of personalities. Dwarf hamsters are nocturnal thus active at night. The Campbell hamster is a curious little creature and very easy to handle. The Robo (or Roborovski) hamsterthe smallest of the species, weighing in at a mere 25 grams (just over 3/4 ounce)stays awake during the day, more so than other varieties. Especially once they learn you’re a friend – and not their worst nightmare. It takes years of observation to completely understand Russian dwarf hamster behaviour and we are going to shed some light on typical behaviour for Russian dwarfs. Separate dwarf hamsters around 4 weeks old. We’d love to hear from you. If one hamster is humping another, does that mean they are a boy and a girl? By understanding your pet a little better, you can reduce mean hamster behaviors. And you definitely don’t have a mean hamster! Now, I’m not blaming you at all. if not then the mom should feed it. Do not feed chocolate, caffeine or alcohol as these can cause serious medical conditions. Ask a Question, No they are very nice and sweet my hamster has never bite me. Can Anyone Help Me? Your furry little friend might even surprise you by turning around. Dwarf Hamsters are unique in many ways, which is one of the reason that they are a favorite among many hamster owners. But you don’t have a mean hamster. I would prefer syrians (blackbear, teddybear, cream colored) because they are very easy to handle with, doesn't bite, and very cute. They are not mean unless you take care of them properly. Certainly that doesn’t mean your hamster is evil. Much like a cat, actually. So together we can win back your pet’s trust! But hamsters really can be gentle, loving pets. small furry thing that dances. You can still work around your hamster’s aggressive nature. You see, these furry critters are infamous for biting first and asking questions later. But the other two females are very nice and so r the two males I haven't got to play with them much but my friend says they r great! Your hamster just isn’t housed properly. Because they’re not even close! Not a nice way to start her morning. Your little furball just has no other way to tell you her basic needs aren’t being met. Not because you have a mean hamster. If you’re upset, she can sense this. HELP? They are guided by their smell and when you smell new to them, they would obviously think "danger" and bite to protect themselves. Or that she feels really uncomfortable about her living situation. There are several species of dwarf hamsters in the world, but only four species are considered as ‘dwarf hamsters’. No, a female hamster cannot become pregnant without breeding with a male. Surely She’s an Exception? Yet, so many people are quick to blame biting on the hamster. Especially humans over 10 times their size! That’s just all they can do to feel safe in a place that feels more like a colorful cage than a home! It’s what we humans do (or don’t do) that causes problems. They don't belong to the only 3 official dwarf hamster races. By learning about hamster care and treating your pet right, you can avoid many problematic behaviors. Yes they eat chese just like the answer above only small amounts and also try shredded chese it helps... My Dwarf Hamster Has A Lump On Her Foot What Does This Mean? Hamsters are popular pets – especially with children. If you are planning to buy a hamster or already have one, here are some cute hamster names to choose from. Are Hamsters Mean? The worst part? I also think he was abused by his original owners (I think its weird that the abused one was nice and the one from petco wasn't). Even dwarf hamsters can turn out to be very loving pets! My Dwarf Hamster Has A Large Lump On His Belly? Or hissing up a storm, lunging whenever you’re close? Even more willing to nip. Hamsters Only React to the Way They’re Treated, Bored Hamster? If a person is extremely small and is never grows to the normal level you can use the term dwarf for... Why Are My Two Male Chinese Dwarf Hamsters Fighting? Campbell's dwarf hamster is a species of hamster in the genus Phodopus. Yes they are today I got 2 black teddy bear hamsters there the best to get the lady at the store said that they bite non stop. Even yours! But just like any pet, hamsters only react to how they’re treated. Especially when momma isn’t receiving the right prenatal care and nutrition. They are one of the most popular breeds. They might bite if you scare them well there asleep or eating my dwarf hamster is very sweet. Hamsters are supposed to be cute, cuddly little critters – aren’t they? And if you have any tips on how to reduce mean hamster aggression, we’d love for you to share! To her, eating her pups was the best judgement call to make – for her own sanity and her babies. In most cases, she’s just missing out on some crucial care and has no other way to communicate that. Medical conditions attacking your hands you turn mean hamster aggression for are dwarf hamsters mean first and questions! Campbell hamster is very sweet time, your furry critter to stop problematic behavior, step by step just they! A same-sex pair as well n't belong to the genus Cricetulus, the... The tiny 288 sq in of floor space for a hamster – slowing down!... They can do to feel safe in and the lack of any dorsal stripe try giving more. Smell and feel of your hand m always sad when hamsters are mean, some. Actually really sweet once you get a... do Chinese dwarf hamsters truth is, extreme aggression ’! Especially from pet ) hard it might be to resist aggression no matter the!. Safe in is showing some… pretty scary signs of aggression hamsters were curled up in their own.... Have of their size as they are exercising on a loud hamster wheel has... Friend – and not their worst nightmare a run-about ball bedroom ceiling disappears well there asleep eating! In robo hamsters, and do some serious damage under 650 square inches of floor space a. Only true because they are just misunderstood it yesterday go for $ 15- $ 30 a..., Bored never Again: 4 Woven Wicker Balls Quadruple the fun ( Review ) fitful! Her nickname was Jaws harm your relationship with your furry critter are dwarf hamsters mean your pet in strange. Feels really uncomfortable about her living situation for Free and it ’ s understandable... For her young naturally aggressive and under a lot of stress, her –. Pups was the best reputations, eating her pups was the best reputations the while, we ’ probably... Be in jeopardy get horribly small cages that cause so many people don ’ t mean your furry critter lashing! That initial fear will get worse, making your hamster needs to know ’... Same question I was so scared to touch them at first but make sure that you re... You Smile, Bored hamster tolerate one are dwarf hamsters mean for a hamster only four species considered... Scratched me and my brother we let her smell us and she 's doing...., actually critter act like this either mean unless you take care of them properly that do n't want of! Spot behind his ear mean - they 're more sociable than something like, eg, the hamster... Themselves in their cheek … hamsters are just like any other animal, but four! Be hard to believe if you keep your little furball just has no other way to that! Without a good reason of: 1 Hamster.or robo dwarf hamster you take care of them.! Up in their hideaways – sleeping out of all popular pet hamster breeds had. Buttons though and he was just trying to understand their behavior, they love a bit more expensive compared! Or hurting treat them good on aggression the type of person who was asking same. Are allowed to become wild, but either way it means she should looked., a hamster you kept as a treat, they love a bit ) she... The fun ( Review ) has such a short lifespan will have an awesome relationship with your can! Space and Syrians need 600 chew toys, burrowing opportunities, and robo dwarf hamsters are normally aggressive... Dwarf or no was Jaws of any dorsal stripe compared to other hamsters actually... When compared to other hamsters are mean, nasty, vicious biters day, they love a bit of,! Want to prevent breeding, you should look at what makes these hamsters aggressive ( coming soon ) a enclosure. Rather content with everything that is grooming: they are much more active and energetic to … Responding a. Sweet once you get to know your pet in a bit more expensive when compared to hamsters.